May 15, 2010

Yeeha Stephen was the host of this weekend’s ride down to the north side of The Hill Country.  Everything was coming together nicely as the ride approached, until the weather forecast called for up to 5 inches of rain all over Texas.  The ride roster started dropping days before the weekend.  Even I had some second thoughts of adding two more wheels to our transportation.  But, Deb gave the final go-ahead, and we met up with the group of 8 bikes and 12 riders at the Raven’s Grille in Euless.

Gert joined us for the weekend during his journey around North America and back down to Bolivia.

We had a hearty breakfast, and mounted up to head south, ready for adding rain shells to our gear when needed.  It was damp, and misty at times, but the sun broke through halfway into the ride.

Our spirits rose a bit with the blue skies, and we stopped in at Tea-Licious in Burnet for lunch.  Note the flood waters we finally saw near the parking spaces at Tea-Licious.  All along the roads down, the Texas DOT signs were warning of flooding.

We wandered about Fredericksburg, enjoying nice brews while walking the sidewalks.

Mexican food later at Mamacitas.

May 16, 2010

We looked at the radar Sunday morning, and figured we needed to head north as soon as possible to miss the rain system moving in from the west.  Gert wanted to see some rural parts of Texas.  He chose to follow Bo instead of Herman and me — (Gert, you should have followed me!).  Herman and I found some interesting backroads, and a single-lane paved road (Slater Rd) south of Gatesville. They were very interesting and scenic byways.

Bo summed up this ride very well:
“Great trip.
Texas Star can’t be beat for omelets
Tealicious has the best desserts!
Mamacitas has the best Mexican food!
The Koffee Kup serves a mean lunch!
Fredericksburg has the best one-lane roads!
Don has a big heart and shared his room.
Terri is Santa Claus and made arrangements for a room for Gert back here.
Charlie, Cindi, and Adan are the coolest for meeting us for breakfast
Stephen and Vicki are terrific for spending the time, money and research for creating this fun time.
Joy is the sweetest for not making me go to the trade’s day in Fredericksburg Sunday morning.
Herman, Keith, Regina, Richard, Debbie and Gert are all top notch for choosing to spend their time on this potentially wet trip.
It was great.”



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