Open Road Data LLC

Richard Swim is the principal for Open Road Data LLC, providing CMMS data analysis, report development and medical equipment network configuration management.  As of November, 2022, Open Road Data is no longer actively pursuing clients.

Medical equipment management processes, database/application administration, data mining and Health IT specializing in clinical system implementation and interoperability

CLES – Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
A+ – CompTIA Computer Architecture
MCSE – Microsoft Corporation
CCNA – Cisco Systems, Inc. (2003)
CSFP – HITRUST Cybersecurity

• Planning, implementation and administration of 10,000+ node multi-site clinical systems
• Implementation, security and management of 6,000+ wireless medical devices
• Management of a medical device CMMS including SQL query development for reporting
• Regulatory knowledge of The Joint Commission, FDA, CMS, HIPAA, HITECH and others
• Interaction with architects/manufacturers for construction, equipment planning and procurement
• Management of clinical engineers involved in clinical system/network design and implementation
• Liaison to clinicians/physicians to ensure an effective medical equipment management program
• Implementation involvement of medical device integration to Electronic Medical Record systems
• Experience in network and design security of medical devices
• Interaction with security, network and server teams for planning/management of medical devices

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