Deep Ellum Graffiti

Photos (2001-2003) from the days when graffiti was freestyle in East Dallas…  I worked for several years across from this wall and would wander about in awe of the creations that appeared overnight.

de3feb03a de3feb03b de3feb03c de3feb03d de3feb03e de3oct02a de3oct02b de3oct02c de3oct02d de4feb02a de4feb02b de4feb02c de4feb02d de4feb02e de4feb02f de4feb02g de5nov01a de5nov01c de5nov01d de5nov01e de5nov01f de5nov01g de6aug02a de6aug02b de6aug02c de6aug02d de6aug02e de9jan03a de9jan03b de9jan03c de9jan03d de9jan03e de9jan03f de9jan03g de10jun02a de10jun02b de10jun02c de10jun02cocacola de10jun02d de10jun02e de10jun02f de10jun02g de15jul02a de15jul02b de15jul02c de15jul02e de15jul02f de15jul02g de17jun02a de17jun02b de17jun02c de17jun02d de17jun02e de17jun02f de17jun02g de17oct01a de17oct01b de17oct01c de17oct01d de17oct01e de18oct02a de18oct02b de18oct02c de18oct02d de21sep01a de21sep01b de21sep01c de22oct01a de22oct01b de22oct01c de22oct01d de22oct01e de22oct01f de26nov01a de26nov01b de26nov01c de26nov01d de26nov01e de26nov01f de28sep01a de28sep01b de28sep01c de29oct01a de29oct01b de29oct01c de29oct01d de29oct01e de29oct01f de29oct01g