LSBMWR Big Bend 2010

March 25, 2010

The thunderstorms rolled on east before I awoke early to ride to Hico for the official start of the Big Bend weekend.  The Lone Star BMW Riders have made this Big Bend trip an every two-year tradition.  We had around 28 bikes and three couples on the trip. 

Charlie ready to ride

Colorado River crossing

Tom and I took a bit of an early start in front of the main group, and traveled down Hwy 16 across the Colorado River.

We met back up with everyone for lunch in Eldorado.


Bo and Joy



Tom suggested over the radio that we set up on a spot to catch some ride-by photos, which we first did on Hwy 349 just past Sheffield.  
  I believe that Hwy 2400 was a surprise enjoyment by most of the riders.

We arrived in at the Marathon Motel and were all greeted by Voni Glaves’ Southwest Texas welcome hugs. 

Paul immediately went to work (which he loves) on plugging Lance’s rear tire that picked up an old rusted piece of wire.
After a couple of cold brews, I laid out on Katrina’s seat with my feet up on the bars, and the warm evening sky was my theater.  Boy, was it enjoyable. 
Some of the group wound up at the Gage Hotel for some fine dining.  Back at the motel, we met a older gentleman that is on a solo cross country bicycle tour.  He is averaging 60 mile per day.

March 26, 2010

The morning arrived quickly.  Tom, Alan and I went on a no-agenda Friday ride west of Big Bend through Alpine and down Hwy 118.  The sweepers south of Alpine beckon for more throttle. 
We wound up at Paul and Voni’s place for a while.  Voni gave us a tour of their desert oasis, and Paul showed us their rain water purification system they had just started up.

Voni pours us coffee

  Tom pulled his FRS radio antenna out for us to troubleshoot his short range issues.  We found a broken connector, and commenced to repair it in Paul’s workshop.  Coffee followed, and Tom literally lit up Paul’s face with a gift of a LED trouble light.
We rolled on into Study Butte for lunch at Kathy’s Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe.  The food was great, and the stress level getting lower and lower.

The Terlingua public library

We did a quick run out the River Road to check out the Contrabando movie set on the banks of the Rio Grande.  A recent flood has destroyed a lot of the buildings, and deposited deep sediment inside of the structures.

The cactus is in bloom all across the desert.

Dinner Friday evening was at the Starlight Theatre. 


March 27, 2010

Saturday morning some riders had breakfast at Lajitas, and some of us met earlier at Kathy’s to have burritos by the fire.  Tom and I set up again for ride-by photos, and I watched the sun rise atop a hill.

We leap-frogged past Lajitas to set up again on the Big Hill on the River Road. Tom caught me on the way up the hill.

 We made our way through the wind to have lunch at Alice’s Cafe in Marfa, and on to Fort Davis.

I stripped off Katrina’s bags and went out on a solo ride towards Alpine, and then back up to McDonald Observatory.  The K1200RS takes these roads like a dream.


Bo thanks everyone for their participation
Dinner that evening included a community bottle of Jose Cuervo.

March 28, 2010

I returned home solo on a 575 mile route through Junction and on some roads I had not traveled before.  Although it was calm in the morning, the wind was brutal later.

San Saba River

Yes, I am having a great time…

I stopped for a snack of buffalo jerkey at the San Saba River in a wind-protected crossing.  The sun was warm on my body.  I sat on the bridge enjoying the solitude and the memories of a wonderful weekend in Southwest Texas.



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4 Responses

  1. Armando says:

    Great write up. Thanks for capturing the adventure so well.


  2. Voni says:

    Wonderful fun! Thanks for sharing your talent!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Neat pics, as always, and your prose poetic, unsurprisingly, because Big Bend seems a magical place and you captured the feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Scott says:

    Nice write-up Richard. You do good work and the pictures are great!