Canada-PNW Day 7, Seattle to Vancouver

July 11, 2010

Vancouver Convention Center and Whistler across the Bay

We did not rush to get out of bed today, knowing our ride would be a leisurely 175 miles through the back roads and along the bay up into Canada. The temperature was much cooler than yesterday, and made for comfortable riding, and waiting at the border crossing. We saw an eagle landing in a field very close to the road. My choice of roads up to the border turned out OK. Highway 14 along the bay just south of Bellingham was just spectacular. It was a slow-going ride on very good pavement with lots
of forest and tight turns, and views of the bay from time to time. Just awesome… We worked our way through one of the roughest-looking neighborhoods in Vancouver, and over to the Blue Horizon Hotel on Robson St. Very interesting people walking the sidewalks. We just walked and watched, and had dinner on the waterfront with the float planes and yachts.

Tomorrow – the ferry over to Victoria on Vancouver Island.

The Blue Horizon Hotel on left.



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