Canada-PNW Day 8-10, Vancouver to Victoria to Forks to Coos Bay

July 12-14, 2010

It has been several days of serious exploring, walking, ferry travels, and
riding. We caught the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria on Monday, and rode
the short section of the island to our inn. Unloaded the bike, and
immediately started exploring the very interesting old town of Victoria. We
will have to return once again to Victoria. Tuesday, we decided to grab an
earlier ferry to Port Angeles to arrive earlier in the day in order to get
Twilight goods from Forks and explore some of the places where the movie
series was filmed. Back in Dallas, once folks heard we were staying in
Forks, Deb had to start taking orders for souvenirs. The ferry ride from
Victoria to Port Angeles went through 8-foot swells that made some
passengers sick, and tipped over a F800GS in the car deck. I ran down to
secure my bike against a truck, and found the Italian’s GS almost tipped
over. I ran upstairs to find Bruno, and he was sick. He said he did not
care, and I told him I would secure it. No prob.
At Forks, we met the Hyder group rolling in. Quick night of sleep, and an
early start down 101 on Wednesday. What a thrill of a ride, and a beating
at the same time. There was traffic, and then many 45-mile zones through
the towns. But the section just north of Forks was exhilarating, with many
technical twisties and high vistas over the ocean.
This morning, Deb and I split from the Hyder group to work our way over the
mountains, and on to Lake Tahoe, in prep for her flight out of Reno Friday.
It’s getting busy with lots of riding, so not much time to process photos
and post. Stay tuned…
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