December 13, 2009

Friday, the boys at work suggested a ride for Sunday.  The list of riders grew to around 10 bikes, but shrunk a bit on Sunday morning.

The weather forecast looked good, but once we met and headed out, the fog and wet roads did not clear until almost halfway into the loop.  
  Gotta get a shot of anything with Weston on it for my son. 


We headed out the winding Hwy 455 west to Forestburg and up to St Jo.  Some of the group split away early to head back home.


Along the way, Richard C. decided to try his Wing out as a dual sport through the bar ditch, rather than slide down on a slick corner.  He kept it upright, thank goodness.  Note the single track in the ditch behind him…


Lunch was at the Center in Muenster, where most of us ate German sausage plates and sandwiches.  Remember Warren – “When in Rome…”.



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