Canada-PNW Day 6, Omak, WA to Seattle

July 11, 2010

Had a relatively short 250-mile ride via Hwy 2 over the Cascades today to
pick up Deb and head to Seattle for an overnight stay. It’s good to be back
with her again after 6 days on the road. We strolled the Pike Place Market
and had dinner on the waterfront, with a stop at the original Starbucks.
Lots of music on the streets here.

The LSBMWR Hyder group made it to Hyder today, and have probably been
hyderized by now…

Tomorrow, another border crossing and on to Vancouver.

Those photos are still accumulating at

20100710CanadaPNW-OmakToSeattle at EveryTrail

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  1. Jerry says:

    Great smiles.. looks like a good time will be had in the great northwest. Have fun and take many pictures.

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