LSBMWR Pasta Lunch

May 30, 2009

The cooks

Today’s event started some time ago with Krista and Travis offering their pasta and meatball talents to the club to help host a social dinner.

The day morphed a bit with an idea of putting point locations out to the club the day before the event where riders could choose to visit locations to earn bonus points against the lunch fee.  This would give us an excuse (like we need one) to ride more than straight to the lunch location in Denton county.  The club officers came up with a number of favorite eclectic places that would be described and placed as waypoints in a GPS file.  Jim said he would go out and ride to the points to grab photos so the club members’ visits to the bonus points could be validated.

 Audie Murphy Statue, Greenville

 Cockroach Museum, Plano

Cowboy Muffler Man
Dike Store

Dish, TX

Eiffel Tower Paris, TX

Eisenhower’s Birthplace, Denison
Hanger 10, Denton
Heard Museum, McKinney
How the heck did that get there?
Near Paris, TX
Carpenters Bluff Trestle Bridge
Moser’s Restaurant, Lake Fork

Downtown Rosston

Rosston Store

Stony Point Cemetery
Spanish Fort, Petersburg
VW Beetle Farm, Saint Jo
Whistle Stop Cafe, Decatur
Most all bonus points
photos by Jim Schumacher

Tracklog for Possible Boni–20090533

We were wondering if any of our more hard-core riders would attempt the full gamut and pull off a 480-mile 9-hour ride before noon.

Riders started drifting in near noon and reported their treasure finds with 3 to 6 points typical.  The weather was perfect with temperatures in the high 80’s and no wind for the sunny day.


   The food was great, people great, and much fun and socializing was had by all.




Photo credit Tom Oliver


Debbie and I meandered the back roads to our house after most all of the club had departed.  

We thank Krista and Travis and all of the Lone Star BMW Riders officers for all of the work that was put out to make this event a success.


Tracklog (my ride)–20100530

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