Tech Day

December 4, 2010

Keith Smith opened up his GG Quad shop today to the Lone Star BMW Riders for a tech day.   There were a lot of participants, with many looking over shoulders of others to learn new techniques, or to help out with what maintenance needed to be performed on our motos.  My bike, Katrina, got fluid changes, and a new set of tires through the afternoon.

Bob serving as burger and brat chef

Wendy helped out with keeping the riders fed when they were were not twisting wrenches or socializing.

Some of that serious socializing, and burger consumption.

I lost track of how many tire changes that Keith facilitated.  He also helped a lot of club members do valve adjustments on their R bikes.

Graeme gets the award for tearing his bike down to a point where it looked like a grenade had gone off.

Fred pulling off a belt change on his GS

Thanks to Keith and Wendy, for hosting a successful tech day!


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