Canada-PNW Day 13, Salina, UT to Sipapu, NM

July 17, 2010

7:00 AM… Grab a quick breakfast at the motel, fuel up and head out
on I-70. Highly recommended interstate, if you have to do
interstates. Long sweeping curves, and spectacular Utah sandstone
landscape. We split from the interstate at Hwy 191, and made our way
down to Moab for a fuel/rest break. On to Colorado through the
interesting red slick rock, farm land, and through Durango for a stop
at Kip’s Grill in Pagosa Springs. Watched the sprint finish of
today’s Tour in the grill. Saddled up, fueled and made our way down
through the mystical Hwy 64 in northern New Mexico to Chama. Over the
mountain through refreshing summer showers and down to Taos in magical
light. Up to Sipapu in cool mountain air to the lodge, where we have
had a very tasty dinner served up by a take-charge, friendly and
spunky waitress. The sounds of the stream below us is relaxing, and
the hummingbirds are way too busy. Tomorrow… back to the Texas
furnace, but home to my lovely wife and family.

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