Canada-PNW Day 14, Sipapu, NM to Home

July 18, 2010

Tom and I packed quickly in Sipapu and decided to ride first and eat breakfast later to get an early start on the 660-mile return to North Texas. It was in the low 40’s as we descended out of the mountains. At the first fuel stop past Mora, we shed the long sleeve shirts and liners for the prep to enter the Texas furnace. The temperature rose after noon into the 100’s in Texas and stayed there for the remainder of the ride. We downed cold drinks at each fuel stop and refilled the hydration systems to keep the fluids in while on the bike.

Almost 12 hours after we left Sipapu, Tom waved goodbye as he turned off for his home in Frisco, and I rode further east to my home. I rolled into the garage, killed the KRS, and heard the sounds of our border collie, and laughing from my son, Wes, his girlfriend, Rachel and Deb. It’s good to be home after the ~6,200 miles through some spectacular scenery in North America.

What a ride…



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