Taovoyas Indian Bridge

July 3, 2011

David started it all.  He wanted to ride.  But, it was hot… Darn hot…  Oh, well.  I threw together a quick route to ride the always pleasing FM 455 up through St Jo, and across the Taovoyas Indian Bridge at the Red River.  A quick post to the club group on Friday night, and Jim took the bait as well.  This area is Jim’s old stomping ground around Muenster.

We met Saturday morning early at IHOP, and slabbed it up to Weston Road to begin the ride west on 455.

We came across a surprise once we turned onto 677 to head north to St Jo.  This road has been under construction for the last couple of years, but now it’s all finished.  It is a smooth ribbon of asphalt, with tempting high speed sweepers and roller coaster hills.

We had a quick stop in St Jo, where we picked up some fuel with no Ethanol, and some cold drinks and air conditioning.

Taovoyas Indian Bridge

Taovoyas Indian Bridge had more motorcycle traffic on it than cars.  In fact, I don’t remember anything else besides motorcycles crossing while we were stopped for photos.

Lake Texoma was the lunch stop for Catfish on the waterfront.  Plenty of boats on the lake for the 4th of July weekend holiday.  As we left the cafe, Jim said it was good we were getting an early start before it got hot.  Ha.  It was an oven on the slab returning back to the metromess.  Darn hot.  But, it is still all good being out on two wheels with friends.



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