LSBMWR Chickasaw Scouting Run

August 8, 2007

The Lone Star BMW Riders met up in Plano early Saturday for a run all around the back roads up to the Chickasaw Recreation Area near Sulphur, OK. We were looking over a spot for an upcoming club cookout.

IMG_1567  IMG_1569
Jim had a bit of trouble with his GS that became apparent at the first stop.  Head headed back and Hermann took over with the GPS-aided lead.

We made a stop at Lake Murray and Turner Falls and then on to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area to scope out some spots for a club cookout in September.

Mama Jane’s Roadhouse just south of Sulfur, OK was the chosen spot for lunch.  Lots of stuff crammed in the place, along with a dog that made rounds to our table.

I avoided the rain on the way back since I headed east alone via the Carpenter’s Bluff trestle crossing over the Red River. Hot on the way back and very thirsty when I arrive home, but it was still well worth it for a 350 mile Saturday run.


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