LSBMWR Autumn Colors Ride – Eureka Springs

October 23, 2009

We started out this morning’s ride to Arkansas in 47 degree temperatures, and that was pretty much the norm for the day, with the temperature at Eureka Springs dipping down to 43 when we arrived.  The group met in Plano, and 13 bikes and 16 riders made our way over 420 chilly miles through Oklahoma and into Arkansas to start a nice weekend with the golden colors of the season.  We stopped in Talihina for lunch, catfish buffet, of course, and then did a section of the Talimena Scenic Drive.  I believe we have hit the peak of the colors this year, which is difficult to achieve.  Deb and I managed to separate from the group at a stop, and later picked up the other two couples on the ride as they were figuring out the next turn.  We fueled and warmed a bit in Fayetteville, and a young dude came up to us as we were getting on the bikes and said, “Man, all I have to do is roll down the window on my truck and I shiver.  How are you guys riding in this cold weather?”.  I have to ask the same question sometimes…  More to come – stay tuned.




October 24, 2009

It was nice to see the sun shining this morning even though it was 36 degrees.  While we were having breakfast at the Roadhouse, I was devising a route for Deb and me to meander down to Jasper, Boxley and back up to Eureka Springs for a 5 hour or so ride.  The route turned out well with a cut-through on a nice narrow back road.  We tried to eat at the Cliff House, but there were many folks waiting for a table, so we grabbed a quick burger back in Jasper and wound our way back to home base via Boxley Valley, but no Elk were out during the afternoon.  Weather turned out great with the sunny skies tipping out at 60 degrees.  The evening out was at the Pied Piper via limo service.  A touch of class for our club…  Tomorrow we head back on a direct route to visit with the kids.



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  1. Alicia Scott says:

    Eureka Sprints was THE TRIP for us. I learned so much by being sorrounded by legacy bikers. Love the group and the good karma that I got from the weekend. Thank you guys for welcoming us into this awesome weekend.