Sunny January Breakfast Ride

January 17, 2009

Bo’s ride started in McKinney this morning in cool temperatures. But the cool morning did not stop the 20 plus riders from converging and following the multi-turn back road route up to CJ’s. Scott from Mansfield joined us after meeting David through the LT forum down in Waco on New Year’s Day. So, after a jump-start for Bo’s bike (what is it with batteries and ride leaders here lately?), we were off.

The long line of bikes resembled a slinkey at times during the ride. The sunny cool morning made a great ride. We approached Whitewright from the east today. Once we arrived, our parked motorcycles stretched all the way through the main drag including the Harley group that was already there.

The Spanish Omelet and bottomless cup of coffee hit the spot for me, and the conversation of valve adjustments and other topics was enjoyable. Alan, Fred, Scott and David followed back through Blue Ridge and Lowry Crossing. We eventually parted ways near the metromess to end the nice morning’s ride.




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Your photographs are amazing. Thanks for sharing.