Big Money Rally 2015

January 1, 2015

Reno John Austin has been orchestrating the 5-month long Big Money Rally for several years now.  Don’t get any idea that money actually is involved in the rally (other than me buying fuel and tires…).  This is a ride-when-you-wish event with bonus locations that are claimed real-time through a smart phone.  It’s actually just another reason to ride.  As Debbie recalled, “It’s all about the ride” after she asked me just why am I doing this in the middle of the winter.

There are different themes that riders can mix and match to choose for bonus locations to collect points.  There are themes ranging from random places all around to match photo locations, word match for specific locations, ways to spell Barbeque, town names, colleges and many other things including temperature below freezing.  Reno John has also weighted points where the bonuses are more valuable early in the year than later when the weather improves.

Several riders have already achieved finisher status in the first three days of the year and will no doubt continue riding towards Bronze, Silver, Gold and Unobtanium awards.  I managed to get in the top quarter of the field in a couple of days of nabbing easy and close bonuses near the house.  But that will likely change as I still actually work (contrary to popular belief) and will have to wait for some chances to ride a bit longer routes.

Below are the first bonuses I logged for the rally and the link (also in the first web page snapshot) to my page for rally submissions.  Looking forward to continue to find places I would have unlikely ever considered going to.

MB001-Me and my Bike WD01-Entrance TN005-Wylie
TN004-Fate TN008-Rockwall MB005-MeAndBlacksmith MB004-MeAndWayneBoyter TP029 TP023 BQ001-BBQ BQ009-BarbequeTP025 BQ011-Bar-Be-Que BQ021-BARBQ TN007-Rowlett BQ024-Bar.B.Q BQ023-BAR-B-Q

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