Mama’s Daughters’ Diner and IMS

November 14, 2009

The Lone Star BMW Riders met at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner this morning for a hearty breakfast and then one of the shortest Bo Griffin-led club rides ever.  We made our way over to the Dallas Convention Center for the International Motorcycle Show.  It was a short ride from the diner, but since the police had closed the perimeter of the convention center for a sponsored walk, it turned into the Long Way Round before we could figure out a way to get to the parking.  I wound up spending most of the time coming back to the Wunderlich booth thinking about all of the stuff I don’t really need for the new bike, but would like to have.



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1 Response

  1. Jerry says:

    Great pics as always Richard! Can I get the full size version of Jamie and I sitting on the connie? Thanks buddy and keep up the great work. Your site is awesome!