Canada-PNW Day 3, Alpine to Banff

July 7, 2010

Gathering thoughts over the last couple of days while at the Golden Taps Pub in Golden, BC, so post is thin…
– Up at 6, leave Alpine, WY around 7 in 42 degrees. Thin gloves, no jacket liner. Stop soon, fix that
– Idaho farmlands. Lots.
– Found cut-off Hwy 48, saves lots of time to I-15.
– I-15 long, straight. Hardly anyone…
– Montana border. Where is everyone? Why is this multi-lane highway even here?
– Fuel Lima, MT – What happens here?
– Hwy 141. Two lanes again, thank God…
– Lake in the middle of the forest. Fuel/Rest
– Making good time today, feeling good, and great weather. Call Fernie and cancel reservation at the Raging Elk. Going to Banff…
– Where the heck is the Hyder group staying? Call Wes for motel reservation lifeline help… Leave VM.
– Roosville Crossing at Canada border. “Where you from? Where you going? First time in Canada? Pull your bike over there and stay on it. We’re going to run a few checks. OK, any arrests/convictions? OK, have a good time in Canada.”
– Dang, scenery is getting nice. 100 KM/hr sucks…
– Radium Hot Springs. Fuel. Where is internet? Find pub. No internet. Trevor at bar says, “Lots of clothes you’re wearing, eh?” I explained it was cold earlier. Not here. Dang hot.
– Meet Keith and Sue from Fort McMurray at Pub. Lots of oil up there. They ride. Common thread… While talking with them, remember I have Herman’s route in my computer… Off to ride again.
– Kootenay National Park. Dodge Deer. Stop… Take awesome photo stitch series for panorama of Canadian Rockies. Remember that post?
– Banff downtown. Sun is setting. Pull computer and load Herman’s route in GPS. Now I know. Up on the mountain side. Rimrock Resort.
– Call Bo – Room 434. “Getting here? Been tracking you on the Spotwalla. Want to sleep on the sofa?” “Why, yes”. “Rise at 6, ride at 7”. “Sounds good. Thanks, Bo”.
– Armando arrives late. “7 AM ride?.. Uh, no thanks.”
– 787 miles today. Shower. Eat light salmon salad/soup. Sleep. Good.

Photos still accumulating here –


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    What a day!

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