Lunch at Cafe Enloe… or Not

February 2, 2008

Rode up to Enloe, TX to have lunch at a spot that I rode past on Memorial Day of 2006.  I arrived in Enloe only to find the cafe closed.

 IMG_3836  EnloeTx
 The storefront today (2008)  Looks quite different from 2006

As I got off of my bike, I noticed a family getting sodas from what appeared to be the lone vending machine in town.  I asked when the cafe had closed and learned that over a year ago the owner was in an auto accident and later moved to Florida.  Times change, don’t they.  I continued riding to Cooper, TX and had a very tasty Torta Carne Asada at Jalapeno’s grill on the town square.

Cooper, TX

Cooper, TX

The weather was very nice with hardly any wind and temperatures in the 50’s to 60’s.  A very enjoyable 169 miles on a Saturday.


Enloe Ride GPS Track Log

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