2022 Gathering of the Defectives

February 25, 2022
The 2022 Defective Gene Pool gathering was hosted over the weekend by Cliff Wall and Bill Thweatt in Allen, TX.  Crappy winter weather with glaze ice prevented the majority of the defectives from arriving by moto.  But, good times were had Friday evening and on Saturday at Big Ray’s BBQ.  Some new inductees to the DGP Hall of Fame were announced on Saturday.

*** Art Garvin – HOF inductee for his ice ride to Texas from Sevierville TN AND longest rider award.
*** Bill Cumbie – HOF inductee for his scoring of the Double Aught Bonus in the 2019 IBR. First and only time someone visited and claimed a bonus worth zero points twice in the same IBR.
*** Troy Martin – HOF inductee for his accomplishments as a NIIT WIt.

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