2017 Colorado Ride

July 13, 2017

The weather was nice.  I had time to take away from work.  My first thought was to ride to the BMW MOA rally in Salt Lake City, but that would add a couple of days to my trip.  In the interest of available time, I decided to do some leisurely riding in southern Colorado.

I had ridden out the previous day to Childress to get a little closer to cooler altitudes.  The ride through northeast New Mexico was nice and a bit cooler than the Texas summer conditions.  I rode towards the Westcliffe valley, which has been a favorite destination of mine for years.  The clouds started to build just south of Westcliffe.

I pulled off the highway just 10 miles short of my overnight stop.  After checking the radar, I decided to punch through the menacing squall.  The rain was heavy for while, but started to lighten just as I arrived at the Antler Motel and Liquor Store.

Having a nice selection of mountain beers right at the motel was convenient.  The skies started clearing to the west.  I enjoyed the 50-degree afternoon and chilled out on my balcony.

I wandered around the town and wound up at Chappy’s Mountain View Bar & Grill.  The staff cooked up a great-tasting green chili burger.

July 14, 2017

There was no rush to the next morning.  I did not even set an alarm.

Making my way to Pagosa Springs the long way was fun.  Slumgullion Pass was typically wet and cold, but it was all good.

Once I settled into my motel, I walked across the highway to enjoy a brew and food at Borde Rio Tavern that sits on the banks of the San Juan River.  I enjoyed the music of Jack Ellis and talked with locals.

July 15, 2017

No rush again this morning.  I walked around Pagosa Springs past the natural springs that visitors were relaxing in pools of the healing waters.

Continuing south out of Pagosa, the road took me across the always enjoyable northern New Mexico mountain landscapes.  I rode through the familiar Taos and on to the Sipapu Lodge east in the Sangre de Cristos.

Sipapu is rebuilding after two recent fires.  It’s looking good.  I had a burger and brew and relaxed in the warm afternoon high mountain air, listening to the humming birds flying all around me.

The stop for the evening was Tucumcari.  I stayed in the very clean Roadrunner Lodge with my room viewing Tucumcari Mountain.

Walking around Tucumcari is fun.  It’s hot here…  I thought of the Route 66 visitors before the interstate was built and their cars and memories this town created for them.

I stayed yet again in another room 32 (Laura’s soccer jersey number) yet again.  This has happened a couple of times in Colorado where I wound up in room 32.

The ride back home through Texas was long and uneventful.  I use these long straight roads to think about the fun previous days or just to mellow out.

Photos    https://goo.gl/photos/4DoE4ri9fA21iEjE6

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