No-Plan Ride and the Dike Store

October 3, 2011

It was a nice day, I had time to take off work, so, a short ride sounded good to me.  I slept in on Monday, and lazied my way out to the garage to get my gear on.  I had no plan on where to go, but the shortest way out of town was through Wylie and out Hwy 78.  As I headed east to Caddo Mills, I actually started trying to plan where to go.  There was a good mexican food spot in Cooper, where I had enjoyed a chicken torta before.  That sounded good.  Wow, a plan, of sorts…  By the time I reached Cooper, Jalapeno’s was closed.  Darn.  Gotta form another plan now.  I started riding towards Sulphur Springs to find a burger spot.  Got on the phone for a 1:00 conference call to wrap up a equipment interface project.  It went well, as did the project, so I was off of the phone soon.  I looked at the GPS, and saw a bonus waypoint from a few years back, the Dike Store.

I inserted it in the route, and pulled up to the very eclectic bump in the road.  Carol said she would cook up a burger for me, and I grabbed a bag of chips and a bottle of tea, and sat down at the cedar plank bar.  It was plenty quiet at the store – only me.

Back on the road again to enjoy the 85-degree sunny ride back home.  Stopped by the lake for a short time for a stretch, and made my way back to the casa.  Not a bad plan for a no-plan ride…


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great shots of great subject matter!