Chandler, OK

July 13, 2016

Again I wanted to get away on the moto for a quick trip, but not too far away.  I’m still working on the IBA Pressed Penny Insanity.  With around 70 collected so far, I’m now approaching having enough to reach the 100 necessary.  I’ll have to start hitting more states to collect the 20 necessary for the challenge, but a few more from Oklahoma to bulk up the numbers helps.

IMG_7305  IMG_7306
I stayed away from major roads to work my way up to Route 66 west of Tulsa.  A little known back road crossing the Red River is Carpenter’s Bluff.  Out in the middle of this remote part of Oklahoma was a fireworks stand with some folk art on top.

IMG_7316  IMG_7313  IMG_7312
IMG_7324  IMG_7322
Riding due north from my house landed me in Bristow where I started following the original alignment of Route 66 before I-44 took the traffic away from the historic road.

IMG_7328  IMG_7331
The Rock Cafe in Stroud was built in 1936.  It was destroyed by a fire in 2008 and re-opened in 2009.  The cafe attracted a variety of celebrities and highway travelers and was depicted in the 2006 film “Cars”.
IMG_7339  IMG_7351
I arrived in Chandler mid-afternoon and quickly retreated the heat into the Route 66 Interpretive Center.  This is a great place to spend some time soaking in the photos and video stories of the Mother Road.


IMG_7353  IMG_7352
Wandering around Chandler exploring the history worked up an appetite and thirst.  Mexicano’s was a quick walk from the Lincoln Motel where I was staying.  The food was great and wait staff friendly.  The Lincoln Motel is a classic motor lodge built on a cottage theme back in 1939.  The air conditioning was working nicely, which helped provide an oasis from the July heat.

I slept well in the comfortable and clean room, but I was awakened by a strong thunderstorm early in the morning.  The rain and lightening was intense.


July 14, 2016

IMG_7367  IMG_7362  IMG_7360
The morning was nice.  I wandered east following Route 66 through Warwick where I took a quick stop at Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum.  This is a classic gas station built in 1921 by John Seaba.  It is now the home of the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum.

IMG_7369  IMG_7385
The Arcadia Round Barn is hard to miss on the side of the highway.  This is the only round barn ever built in Oklahoma and constructed by William Odor in 1898.  It was restored in 1992 and now serves as an historic attraction and a community hall with its second floor loft.

IMG_7384  IMG_7383
Pops is right down the road to the west.  It’s hard to miss with a 66-foot tall soda bottle out front.  This is an eclectic stop for gasoline with a selection of 600 kinds of soda inside.

IMG_7387  IMG_7391
I worked my way through Oklahoma City to collect some more smashed pennies for my quest and turned south to return home.




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