The Old Systeme E Boys, and a Pie

March 19, 2011

I kept telling Roger and
Mark years ago when we were sweating on our Systeme E training rides that the
passing moto riders looked like they were going about it a lot easier
than us.  Both of them are still spending much more time on bicycles
than me.  And they both have motorcycles finally.

We decided today to
take a quick ride up to Randolph, and find a spot somewhere to have a
pie.  The Leonard hills that used to kick our butts on the bicycles seemed a bit less ominous today.  The Cattleman’s Cafe in Blue Ridge worked out for the pie thing.

Photos credit Roger Ronald

enjoyed the breath of fresh air, and she was the perfect ride for
today’s journey with my friends that I have spent countless hours with
on much much lighter bikes.
Roger                                                                                  Mark

20110319SystemEBlueRidge at EveryTrail

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