Nice Friday Afternoon Ride

May 2, 2008

Wrapping up my 5 days of technical IT training a bit early on Friday, the nice weather capped my decision to go out on a short jaunt north of the house.  I wandered out Hwy 78 towards Farmersville and started looking for small roads off of the main roads.

The spring storms have been pushing over the utility poles.

I found a nice one that went between 380 and Merit.  It started paved, and then went to unmaintained surface before going back to a narrow paved road.

Things are very green now with our unusual consistent weekly rains over the last several months.  The flowers are getting overrun with growth of other nearby plants, so it is a bit difficult to see them easily.

There seems to be a tradition for a 4-legged animal visit me on my rides.  Today it was a Golden Retriever that reluctantly came over to me as I was getting ready to mount up to ride again.  To him, I probably looked like a space alien in my garb, but he finally warmed up to me and then looked like he was ready to join me on the ride.

I made my way back from Greenville deep into Dallas to meet Debbie and visit Mom for dinner.  Not bad for a quick 110-mile unplanned Friday afternoon ride.


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