Space Colony Alpha One

May 6, 2018

Johnathan Hammy Tan has a vivid imagination.  He used this unique skill to put together a weird rally to get us on the motos.  We were to locate BilderBots (Muffler Men), Scientific Research Centers (Universities), Zoos and Gardens to prepare and fight off the imminent attack from aliens.  I had a nice ride up into Oklahoma with an overnight stay at Sequoyah State Park documenting my efforts to protect our world against the imaginary invaders.

Your mission is to:

  1. Use your vehicles’ wind turbines to generate enough ENERGY units to power all our resources. Remember, each vehicle can generate 1 energy unit for each mile traveled.
  2. Use your Colonial Activation Circuit boards to reactivate as many of our systems as possible (by taking a photo of your circuit board in front of each target), including:
  3. Colonial operating system aka H.A.M.M.I. (requires 1000 energy units a day)
  4. BuilderBots (each requires 10 energy units a day)
  5. Zoos (each consumes 10 energy units and 20 OXYGEN units a day but produces 20 FOOD units a day)
  6. Gardens (each consumes 20 energy units a day but produces 10 food units and 20 oxygen units a day)
  7. Scientific Research Centers (each one will boost all resource production by 0.1 units)
  8. Use the following systems to destroy as much of the asteroid as possible within the 48-hour window:
  9. Planetary Defense Grid (destroys 10 tons of asteroid material for 1 energy unit)
  10. BuilderBots (each can destroy 100 tons of asteroid material a day)
  11. Remember that Scientific Research Centers boost the efficiency of your resource production:
  12. For example, if you reactivate 30 SRCs in total, then each vehicular wind turbine will now generate 1 + 30 x 0.1 = 4 total energy units per mile, each zoo will produce 20 + 30 x 0.1 = 23 food units a day, each garden will produce 10 + 30 x 0.1 = 13 food units and 20 + 30 x 0.1 = 23 oxygen units a day
  13. SRCs do not affect consumption so each zoo will still consume 10 energy units and 20 oxygen units a day, and every colonist that is awake still consumes 1 energy unit, 1 food unit, and 1 oxygen unit each day
  14. SRCs also do not affect defensive capabilities (i.e. the PDG still can only destroy 10 tons of asteroid per 1 energy unit)
  15. If you are unable to completely obliterate Calamity Jane before it breaches our atmosphere, each remaining ton of asteroid material will permanently reduce my ability to sustain 1 of our 10,000 colonists. That means that, if even 10,000 tons of asteroid material remain at the end of the 48 hours, our colony will be destroyed.
  16. If the colony survives, all remaining energy, food, and oxygen units will then be used to awaken as many of our 10,000 colonists as possible. Remember, each colonist that is awake (that means you) consumes 1 energy unit, 1 food unit, and 1 oxygen unit each day. The success of your mission will be reflected in how many colonists Alpha One can sustain every day.



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