Lake Texoma Hurricane Gustav Ride

September 1, 2008

With Hurricane Gustav pounding the Gulf Coast, Roger and I decided to take a ride up to his boat on Lake Texoma.  The weather in North Texas was still OK ahead of the storm, but muggy.  The wind picked up a bit from the east during the day and the leading edge of the very high clouds of the storm showed up in the late afternoon eastern sky.

Roger has farkeled out his Versys very nicely.
We found a few back roads to travel on the way up to Texoma. 

Roger has a great view of
Lake Texoma from the back of the boat.
Made my way through Aubrey on the way to Denton. 
I dropped by Wes’ apartment up in Denton to help him out with a new ceiling fan.

Not a bad day for an impromptu ride of around 200 miles.


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