Austin Lone Star BMW Open House and Food Drive

December 8, 2007

Packed up a saddle bag full of food for the Hill Country Community Ministries and made the run down to Austin’s Lone Star BMW open house. I also had the opportunity to visit with a couple of my old friends, Keith and Ronny.
IMG_3337  IMG_3355

IMG_3345  IMG_3351

Ronny was at a swap meet at the Belton Texas Expo Dome where I stopped for a short time, and Keith met me at the open house in Austin riding his F800S. Smokin’ Willie’s provided the great BBQ for lunch that several hundred people enjoyed. The temperature started at 65 and rose to 85 in the afternoon. There was still some fall color in the trees where I could find them. The swift-moving clouds played with the lighting on the fields that I passed through on the market and county roads where I could travel them to avoid the hectic I-35. The late-afternoon light was warm on the dried fields. I picked up dinner at Kitoks in Waco and breakfast Kolaches at the Czech Stop in West, TX.


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