Defective Gene Pool Gathering 2023

Everybody was inside enjoying Texas BBQ!

February 18, 2023
The Defectives gathered for the unofficial start of the 2023 riding season at Big Ray’s Bar-B-Que in Allen, TX.  The weather was chilly but dry, in spite of the fact that Kenneth Andrews showed up.

After a fair amount of socializing and tire-kicking, the group moved inside to enjoy Big Ray’s Texas cooking.

Cliff Wall and Bill Thweatt began the awards presentation with the longest ride determination.  Bill presented several items including The Book of Useless Information to Larry Telling for his ride from Michigan to Jacksonville to Texas.

David Uhl was inducted to the DGP Hall of Fame for his Iron Butt Rally and Hoka Hey finishes as well as his unending dedication to long-distance riding.  David was not in attendance while currently recovering from an accident.


Roy Kjendal was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his numerous attempts to win the longest rider award and his 2019 IBR finish.


Kimberly Walling was inducted to the Hall of Fame for her Hoka Hey and IBA rides as well as being a founding member of the Frio Grande Burrow Invitational.


Chris Hopper was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his IBR and Hoka Hey finishes and his record-setting 100,000 mile ride in 100 days last year.

Kenneth Andrews was inducted to the Hall of Fame for his IBR and Hoka Hey finishes, riding 100,000 miles in a year, and his uncanny ability to predict rain.  Many riders use Ken’s current position as an area to avoid riding… (today was an exception)


I always look forward to seeing my long-distance friends!


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